VSCO Chamber Orchestra Community Edition XRNI version by zeograd

License: CC0, Public Domain

XRNI conversion from the orchestral samples library Versilian Studios Chamber Orchestra (VSCO 2.1) Community Edition ( http://vis.versilstudios.net/vsco-community.html ).


Compared to the direct use of the SFZ companion files in renoise, this set of XRNI brings :

- modulation set support (proper ADSR, and multiple modulation set for some instrument)

- volume and mapping fixes (as of 20170215, they've been backported into the original branch for release on a 2.1+ version)

- usable instruments on case sensitive file systems (3 instruments SFZ relies on case insensivity. This will be proposed for inclusion in the original set of SFZ files)

- smaller download size (due to flac vs wav)

- individual instrument download (which is also a backdraw when you want the whole library at once)

- removal of SFZ instruments with renoise incompatible features (group cycling among playing technics for a single instrument)