Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra XRNI version by zeograd

License: Creative Commons CC BY-SA

This conversion was originally done thinking SFZ were not loadable natively in Renoise.

Most of those instruments will sound the same as if opened from their original SFZ file (but are flac encoded here),

with the notable exception of :

Those 4 instruments are the recommended downloads if you already have the original Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra original SFZ files.

Thanks to Akiz for pointing this out.


XRNI conversion from the sample library Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra

( ) in SFZ.

Original library is licensed under the (now obsolete) Creative Commons

Sampling Plus 1.0 license ( ).

This XRNI conversion attempts to honor the original license intention while

sticking with an up to date license by being licensed under CC-BY-SA

( ).

This XNRI Conversion was performed using rnsutils ( )

which handled all parameters (tuning, velocity mapping, key mapping, …) but

velocity tracking (which would impact attack and filter cutoff on some instruments).

Some minor manual editing were performed after that.

You might want to change the volume envelope on pizzicato or staccato to have a

non zero release if you intend to play them shorter than the original recording.

You may also consider using the autolooping on sustain instrument if you need

it longer, at the expense of realism.