Tube Hits by TheBellows

License: CC0, Public Domain

Who needs real drums when you got…eh…tubes?

Tube Hits: This is a percussive style instrument resembling bongos/congas. It's modulation only, no DSPs and it has 8 basic macros.

It's tuning is not flawless, i didn't bother to do it properly as i found these sounds to be very hard to tune correctly, but if you need a closer to a perfectly tuned instrument then you should take a look at the Tube Plucker.

Tube Plucker: This is a melodic instrument creating a wide range of pluck sounds based on 3 tube hits, a sine and a triangle wave. The sustain is adjustable with a fader and it's got level controls for all 5 waves, pitch controller (it sounds very good with a subtle vibrato) and attack.