EDM Drumkit by TheBellows

License: CC0, Public Domain

Here is a drumkit i've been working on for a while, fine adjusting the macros to fit the samples as good as possible with modulation only. The advantage of using no dsp effects is that the drumkit can be used in different tracks at the same time.

I've chosen a few drum samples, just a selection i like, nothing special really. What makes this drumkit special is the macros:


It lets you tweak and shape the sound of the drums very easily and you're not limited by the boring one track policy of the effect chains.

There are also some phrases included (C-0 to B-3) which can be used as building blocks for some rythms like i have done in the example and also in the track below.

The example included is completely dry out of the box, so that is what you get, nothing more, nothing less. Also here is a track where i used the kit:


The one hit samples starts on C-4

It's easy to extend the drumkit further or simply swap with your own samples. Remember though that the macros are specially tuned to these samples, so they may not sound as good with other samples.

Dissect, modify and tweak this to suit your sound. It's not that hard, just see how simple this instrument actually is.