Big Bloomer by TheBellows

License: CC0, Public Domain

BB 4.0 Demo:


[font=helvetica][background=rgb(240,240,237)]4.0, has no macros for the envelope, so you have to set it manually in the mod set. There is a key tracked comb filter on the pressure switch and HiPass filter on the mod wheel. [/background][/font][font=helvetica][background=rgb(240,240,237)]

Rest of the macros should be pretty self explanatory.[/background][/font]


Shelf cancels the effect of the trancegate when all the way up, while the TranceGate macro itself only controls the speed of the gate (32-16-8-6-3-2-1).[/background][/font]



Big Bloomer 2.0 is a synth using tuned ringmods to create the waveforms. It can create a huge variety of sounds from leads to cymbals. Chuch bell, supersaw etc.


8 macro controllers[font=helvetica][background=rgb(240,240,237)]: [/background][/font]

[font=helvetica][background=rgb(240,240,237)]Oscillator - Choose between the five ringmod waveshapes. [/background][/font]

[font=helvetica][background=rgb(240,240,237)]Portamento - I don't really know the difference between portamento and glissando and all that, but it's basically just the inertia of the ringmods.[/background][/font]

[font=helvetica][background=rgb(240,240,237)]Bloom - 10 voices that spreads along the knob, that almost sounds dirty doesn't it? They start at 0 with no spread and spreads further apart up to 100.[/background][/font]

[font=helvetica][background=rgb(240,240,237)]Attack - This sounds more aggresive than it is, actually i find it rather soothing.[/background][/font]

[font=helvetica][background=rgb(240,240,237)]Hold [/background][/font][font=helvetica][background=rgb(240,240,237)]- Yes, you may hold it for as long as you like. You naughty boy.[/background][/font]

[font=helvetica][background=rgb(240,240,237)]Decay/Release - Decay and release in the same knob isn't that bad. Hmmm, what happened to the sustain? Yeah about that, there was no room for a sustain, but at least you can use pattern commands or gainers to achieve mostly the same effect.[/background][/font]

[font=helvetica][background=rgb(240,240,237)]Chord Mode - There are two voices that aren't affected by the "Bloom" and those two are set to different notes to make chords, between 50 and 52 is no chord. [/background][/font]

[font=helvetica][background=rgb(240,240,237)]Chorus - Chorus effect made by adding a chorus dsp to each of the twelve voices and distributed unevenly in the macro.[/background][/font]


[font=helvetica][background=rgb(240,240,237)]If you experience clicks, most noticeable with sine waves, add a little attack if you have none. Then make shure its envelope does not crash with the next time it triggers, or alternatively hold it untill next trigger with a g00 command. Use note offs and adjust the sus/rel knob to make the envelope reset.[/background][/font]

Included is a demo track of the BB in use, here's the MP3 preview:



Here's the thread for Big Bloomer the original version:


Added a version 3.0 with the new ringmod and some different macro settings. It has an volume AHDSR in the modulation not connected to macros, so you'll have to go in there and adjust it manually. There are some effects going on in the modulation wheel and the pressure switch, if you don't like them you can simply delete pretty much every dsp in FX chain#13.


BB 3.1 Lite

Made another version that uses less CPU and no mumbo jumbo phaser/chorus thingy, but a LP filter on the mod wheel macro and a tuned comb filter on the pressure switch just for variation.

IMO this one is a lot more useful and better than last version, more similar to a real synth, so if you liked the last one you shouldn't stay away from this just because i named it lite, it's actually meant as an improved version. :)