Band Mod Synth by TheBellows

License: CC0, Public Domain

Used as a monophonic synth, it has a warm beautiful tone to it that sometimes resembles brasses and reeds.

It's not o monophonic synth though, it has polyphony, but it's usually either sounding great or awful, it depends on the harmonical relations between the keys you push.

I'm not gonna dig deep into how i set it up, but basically they are tuned filters and ringmods modified so they have been split into 8 different octaves and then multiband sends split and mix into 3 bands.

It's not an usual synth, it works a bit different, but if you go with it it can deliver some sweet sounding leads, basses and even pads.

The demo track is made with only Band Mod Synths, no extra dsp effects except for a bus compressor on the master. The track was mastered in AAMS.

Here are the macros, they should be self explanatory:


Unfortunately there was no room for an envelope, but there is already an AHDSR in the only modulation set, so you can easily change it there.