BAD-Loops by TheBellows

License: CC0, Public Domain

I was in a bike accident on thursday and got a concussion and tore up my right side of my head leaving me with 16 stitches, so i thought i should share my pain by making some painfully wacky drum loops.


They're all rendered at 180BPM and beat synced to 8LPB and there is 183 loops in total. Yes, you read correctly,183 unique loop amples in one instrument.

You won't find any of these loops aywhere else, they are all made by me and licensed as public domain so you could basically even sell these and become super rich! :panic:


There is an A side and a B side and the first macro is a crossfade between them. HiPass filters for both sides, a shared resonance macro, drive on the mod wheel, pitch macros + pitch wheel, pan macros for both sides and a volume booster on the pressure switch.


Don't thank me, thank my front break for switching sides on my new bike and a lack of