sax's BD builder by saxlovesnightlife

License: CC0, Public Domain

a builder instruments for making sweet and polished powerful kicks :drummer: suitable for everything electronic, from techno to idm, from deep house to d'n'b - listen to the demo mp3 for few examples of variations and modulations


my approach to bd building is to have two layers, an edge for the click sound and a sub for making your subwoofers glad :yeah:

sub layer

you can modulate the curve (in terms of how fast and long it decays) with the macro slope

you can set how deep your bass drum will go with the macro depth

it's possible to tune the bass drum with the macro fine tuning

last, you have an attack control (sub attack) and a decay/length control (length)

edge layer

you can choose from a palette of edges included simply playing different note, it will not affect the sub tone.

obviously, it's simple to use your personal collection of kicks as edges, simply open an edge in waveform editor and drag over your favorite sample.

you can make the edge thinner with the edge filter macro, and lower it with edge volume

also the edge pitch macro is useful for tuning the edge accordingly to your taste

well, it's all - hope you like it guys!!!!!

[size=1]please destroy subwoofers around the world with this.[/size]