strat major 9th chords, variable strum by robohymn

License: CC0, Public Domain

Like the others, but major 9th chords. Also, in place of the "hits" as in the maj and min chord instruments, I recorded the same chord (or a slight variation ;) ) an octave up (sustained, played with a pick) and gave them the same velocity range as the hits, again for the purposes of the project the instruments were made for.

So no "hits" or "falls" in this chord flavour, sorry. Didn't seem necessary with maj/min ones already there. Also no note-off string squeaks and other guitar noises on the note-off layer, there are a few in the major chords instrument and quite a lot more in the min 9th instrument still to be uploaded if you want to add them to the note-off layer in this instrument.

I can't recall why but the samples in this one are a bit louder than the major and minor instrument samples, so I set them all in the sample properties section of the sampler section to -5db, that way this instrument is at the same apparent level as the others, though it might be too much/too little for you, so if this instrument seems loud/quiet compared to the others, that's where to look.

If you're curious see the descriptions for the other parts of this chord library for more info (how recorded, settings used, etc). These instruments have helped me immensely, hopefully they help someone else, too!

Edit to your hearts content. I'm planning to make a huge SF2 instrument with all chords, speeds, everything all managed with keyswitches, but that'll be a while in coming (very little experience with soundfonts).

Min 9th, maj sus, maj 13th, maj 7th, min 7th all still to come. I find it easy to put these together, takes like an hour, so if you have any "chord requests" let me know in this thread and I'll consider it, works best if it's a barre chord (as all the instruments I've done are).