strat 13th chords, variable strum by robohymn

License: CC0, Public Domain

If you're interested in this you've probably already seen the other instruments in this series of Strat chromatic chord instruments and know basically what this is: a whole octave+ of 13th chords in three different strum rates, direct-input recorded (no fx, eq, nothing).

If you're just curious, this sounds really nice through Boogex's "Crisp" amp, with its cab and reverb turned off, use Renoise's cab instead with the "Boro Jazz" setting and the mpReverb's "Cathedral" – very nice. Put the other chord flavours in adjacent instrument slots and switch between them as you hit notes on a MIDI keyboard for a nice jazz guitar comping effect.

Mellow by design, but can be run through distortion and sounds pretty good that way, too.

Maybe read the description for the major and/or minor chord instruments for more info on how this was recorded, etc.

13th chord is like the 9th chord, pretty "jazzy" but you also hear it often in electronic music and lots of other genres. Cheers, more to come.

Edit: I've added a quick audio example, you can hear most of the chords and strumming rates, it's part of the rhythm guitar track from a song I did with these, should have added in some pitch bend, oh well. Shows that a little compression, some tube clarification, distortion and reverb can make these sound pretty good, eh? What I actually used (DSP in order): Renoise's bus compressor, Studio Devil's Virtual Tube Preamp (awesome piece of software), Boogex's "Picking Crunch" preset with its cab and reverb turned off (so only the amp), Renoise's cab sim with the "Boro Jazz" preset, bass and high freq attenuated, Renoise's mpReverb "Cathedral" setting with the wet set to 20%.

Note, you will need to EQ and compress these at a minimum to use them well – they're all raw direct input samples, so the (sometimes pretty bad) harmonics and such are still there. Treat them as what they are – raw input requiring some processing! Thanks, cheers.