Roland JX-10 raw waveforms by robohymn

License: CC0, Public Domain

These are simple XRNI's of a Roland JX-10's three raw basic waveforms. Filter and envelopes as open as possible (though there's still a mild envelope effect on the attack, the JX-10 is sort of known for rather slow envelopes).

Both "voices" (JX-10 is basically two JX-8P's in one synth) are used but summed to mono. Probably sampled more than you really need for basic waves :huh: , but it suits what I do with them.

The square and saw samples are looped, the pulse samples aren't (didn't need to for those ones).

Recorded in 48000/32, but converted to 44100/24 for smaller size. Do with these as you will. I have a whole massive series of somewhat incomplete JX-10 patches as small XRNI's, some really great basses and pads, I'll upload them this week sometime.

EDIT: I've been informed that the samples are misplaced, which throws the whole instrument out of tune. I forgot that I'd tuned the JX down to give my nephew a lesson on transposition… and tuned it back to normal tuning a few days after recording these, never even thought of it. Yeah I'm a idiot. Sorry. I'll fix them ASAP but for now it isn't difficult to transpose them in Renoise yourself. 2.0 (proper tuning) coming soon.