JX-10 "Gong Bells" by robohymn

License: CC0, Public Domain

Here's another JX-10 patch. Bell-like like the first, but this time more like a gong sound. Very interesting material to sweep a filter over, very harmonically rich. Recorded from a real Roland JX-10. What you hear out of the box is the unedited (except for trimming silence) samples I originally recorded. I've found this instrument useful, maybe so will you. Edit to your liking and enjoy.

1.1: I added a much smaller-sized 44.1kHz/24 bit version. Don't worry about the word "fixed" in the file name, it doesn't mean the original 96/32 version was broken, they're the same, I just forgot to remove it from the file name. Only other difference is that I extended the range down to C1 in the 44.1/24 one. Note I also changed the copyright, now it's "Public Domain" which it should have been to begin with. You can do whatever you want with these files and the samples in them.