OopsVocoder by OopsIFly

License: CC0, Public Domain

Version 1.1


Ok, so I uploaded a slightly enhanced version. The vocoder is now a lot more intellegible. I'm myself surprised how it sounds now. The first version sucked. I had forgotten to save the exp instead of linear mapping of the signal followers in between.


Also don't take it badly, that the voicings of the vocoder is a bit strange. I extra made some changes to make it sound more gay. You know, I don't care whether a person is actually homosexual or not, its his/her own buisiness. But I do get the kick about gay voice timbres. Especially when tweaking the 2 notable dials of this instrument. And it will generally lisp, in whatver voicing, and I really do get the kicks even more out of this fact. This is on purpose. And also my humble sense of humor. No I won't tune another version for you that won't sound as silly. Though I'd know how to. MWHAAAHAAAHA!


But seriously, I first wanted to tune this bugger further and make it more powerful and configurable, but now I got around studieing a bit of relevant info, that will allow me to hopefully make e much better device.



Version 1.0


As Respond to the bellow's vocoder sound - I did this thing yesterday, and some futile extra tuning today. It is interesting how both of us went into totally different directions regarding the sound.


Yes, it is not so very intellegible, earlier versions before I added some extras seemed better. But this also comes because the modulator is only present in the result via filtering, no sound is routed through from it. I'm not so happy about it, maybe I find a muse for tuning it better one day. With scientific sheets on speech intellegibility or so.


Also now my ears bleed from hearing about a train to…now where does it go?…all the time over and over until I understood totally different pretty insane things, and not the original words anymore however hard I tried…If you have this while tuning sounds, a pause from the sound of 1-2 hours can bring back the original meaning of the speech.


I went for trying to achieve a pseudo analog driven character, trying to keep in in raw but still smooth sound regions. It has some macros to change the sound, play around.


Sorry, it takes some cpu because of all the filters etc, I disabled oversampling to make it lighter on the machine.


For using this in actual tunes - I personally would delete the speech sample that is in there, and add new ones. Make some keys free of the saw and noise in the upper or lower end of the keyzones, lay your speech samples onto these notes. And route these samples to the mod set and fx chain that the original speech sample goes. Then in pattern or phrase you can compose a melody within the saw/noise keyzones, and trigger the modulator samples via other keys and sample offsets and such to sequence the "speech".


Happy vocoding! Yes a VST will sound much better, this is more toying around for the fun of it.


Credits for speech sound that comes with this: http://www.freesound.org/people/acclivity/sounds/64965/ - cc attribution license, consider my instrument public domain if you remove the sample