QiTaNo - Synth - ChipMorph by metalthrix

License: CC0, Public Domain

This instrument is awesome, it use a well cutted square waveform into 11 pieces and then modulate the volume of each separately. This give some pretty amazing result as we can control each unique parts. Using this technique we can achieve to morph the square waveform into perfect retro saw or retro triangle. After that i did included some great features so here are the complete features :

Saw : morph into saw

Triangle : morph into triangle

Trim out : Trim wavefrom from outside

Trim in : Trim wavefrom from intside

Add : Morph even more by adding volume to only 1/2 of waveform

Rotator S : Rotator is kind of a clycled volume amplitude and this is the Speed macro

Rotator A : This is the amplitude macro

Vibrato : I think you know what is vibrato

You gotta try this one, at least to see how its made !