Neuro Reese Technology - Type-A by Land of Bits

License: CC0, Public Domain

hi guys today i want to share with you this 2 instruments to expand a little bit upon my previous video tutorial on Neuro basses

the 1st instrument its a complex neuro bass sound using a harmor 2 unison saw detuned configuration and a bit of soft saturation

the instrument was rendered using the plugin grabber in Renoise for further manipulation.


the chain of fx …includes the usual filtering and distortion plus using modulation effects like chorus for instance

i think the relevant part its the use of internal modulation using meta devices especially the setup for the hydra

instead of triggering the input fader using a signal follower im using an LFO to control it and the frequency/speed of the LFO its been modulated

by the key tracker using the default setting which for playing in the bass range seems to perfectly fit the modulation and increase the beating sensation in the reeese

which is tons of funnn :)


Note - the other preset its the initial sound but without the chain of fx and the modulation im uploading it because as i explained before its a classic configuration for reese basses which you can use to build your own stuff if you want to try different effects.


heres the link for my 1st sound design bass tutorial