Moog-style polysynths by knocklessmonster

License: CC0, Public Domain

These are a pair of synthesizers I created, the first one was MoogLike, which uses a filter and res macro, then A, DR combined, and S envelope control for independently controlling volume and filter envelopes (MiniMoogLike).


MiniMoogLikeADSR is the same concept, but expanded to use one ADSR patch for controlling volume and filter envelopes simultaneously.


As far as changing waveforms, due to macro limitations I couldn't add any oscillator controls because I had to set up the control macros. I will usually set up my samples (using AKWF waveforms are my go to, or else 600-sample hand-drawn wave forms, both detuned -2 steps and -2 fine), adjusting octaves and relative volume to get the main timbre I want, and set the envelopes accordingly.