DrumPads by fladd

License: Creative Commons CC BY

A template for 16 virtual drum pads that might be used with MPC-style MIDI controllers.

Each virtual pad has one 'Default' sample loaded that is mapped to an individual key (chromatically from C-3 to D-#4) in one-shot mode, and is routed to its own Modulation Set (with bypassed ADSR) and FX Chain (with bypassed Grit Doofer).

To load a different sample into a pad, just replace the 'Default' sample of that pad with a new sample. To add another sample to the same pad (for drum layering), simply duplicate the first sample and replace it with a new sample.

To route different samples of the same pad through different Modulation Sets, duplicate the Modulation Set for the first sample and route the other samples to that new Modulation Set.

To route a pad to individual tracks for mixing, adapt the output routing in its FX Chain.


Having auto-select samples enabled, playing a pad will select the first sample as well as the Modulation Set and Effect Chain the first sanple is routed to.