SSAW Pad (JDXI) by Carbonthief

License: CC0, Public Domain

Ok so, I've been messing with a software editor for JDXI because it's way easier than going through the menus on the tiny little screen, and I'm finding stuff you can do that I didn't even know you could do. For example, on the digital side, if you want to make a super saw, there's a unison effect, which I already knew, but it's difficult to use. There's also just a super saw wave form with it's own detune setting. What I didn't know you could do, is you can combine them, to make a super super saw. Add to that a good heap of "analog feel" setting (which sounds kind of like flutter/wow) and you get this.

I had to reduce the recording to 24 bit and also delete like 4 octaves in order to get it under the 64 MB limit because I sampled every single note. Anyways, the end result sounds pretty awesome.

You know you want a 60 MB super saw pad .xrni. (The original one was 143 MB)