Viola Caipira (10 String Guitar) by brunobrgs

License: Custom License - You are free to use the instrument in Renoise, for commercial or non-commercial purposes. Distributing/selling the samples or the xrni file is forbidden.

Sampled from a Strinberg viola caipira, this instrument sounds like the 12 String Guitar, except, it is a little higher. Very common in Brazilian country songs, it's a beautiful and harmonious instrument.

This instrument has three round-robins and a velocity modulated cutoff (instead of velocity layers). The FX Chain is only applied to the last string, for giving more realism. Plus, there is a noise zone for the muted strum.

There is no programmed strum in this instrument, but is easily done using the delay function of Renoise.

Enjoy it!

Listen to Acoustic Work to see it in action.