Cajon by brunobrgs

License: Custom License - You are free to use the instrument in Renoise, for commercial or non-commercial purposes. Distributing/selling the samples or the xrni file is forbidden.

This sample is made from a cajon crafted by my father. It is played by hand, with three different positions (plus bass), two round-roubins and three velocity layers, all maped in a logical order from A-3 (left hand center - left middle - left top - bass - bass - right top - right middle - right hand center) considering the playability.

It's pretty useful when you think drums are "too much" for the song, or you need an acoustic feeling for your music. It was recorded with a little of ambience (you can check it in mp3 preview) for better sounding, but it doesn't interfere drastically in other effects. There is no FX Chain, just the pure sound of the cajon. Enjoy it!

Listen to Acoustic Work to see it in action