Super Kai by BpZ

License: CC0, Public Domain

I made those shaper Kai instruments.

The A.D.S.R. use a FADER as attack modulator.

This is very useful and works like a volume attack!!!

All samples are 32Bit stereo and some of them have different dc offsets to each channel THOSE instruments have the letter S.

All sounds made with sine waves except phobos and brass.

[font=helvetica][background=rgb(240,240,237)]Crossfade loops with xfade pow.[/background][/font]

The Doffer have two LFO one free and the second are a STEPPER LFO and this is synchronized LFO out off the instrument I GUESS.

Modulation target are the F/D(fader duration decay) and this trick here can give you different operation depending the LFO offset.

I mean that the modulation can be hear at attack-decay(only),sustain(only) or in all.

I forgot to change the Doffer name.

Another error here is the name of 7 macro.Change the name to filter.