License: Creative Commons CC BY

Sup sup sup!


I present to you from the lab with my latest concoction. Here's a quick run down of the features:


-I've been yearning for some type of DSP Chains / Modulations that can get close to matching what MorphSynth. This instrument approaches it with a 2 audio channel gain morphing approach. Both operators are controlled by 2 LFOs Envelopes that are synced to "morph" into each other. Can adjust in the modulation tab for preferable LFO speeds. [Be warned, the envelope function on Modulation only can go as low as 1:0 beats resolution. To incorporate much faster LFO, create custom LFO form in an actual LFO module with predefine beat length. Simple copy the LFO form from it and paste it into the Envelope Modulation. Adjust length as needed]

-Frums' Options inspired me to build a 2 DSP chain that has independent repeater controls for exquisite manipulation of sounds that conjures vapor like sounds in a odd but cool way. Preset to all functions of the repeater except for free mode. Can control the gain output of each DSP Chain using the MIX CONTROL Knob.

-Preset of Macros available including controls for additional LPF and ducking capability.

-Additional instrument called "morpheus" which is used in the demo song below. Different approach of gain morphing using only DSPs within the instrument's DSP chains. Has the ability to do continuous morphing.

-Thank the phrasing gods, we have a newer variant of the instrument. Utilizing the fine capability of phrases, you can have different varying styles of wave morphing depending on wave starting and ending point. Makes this instrument even much more versatile.


Feel free to modify it as needed and create a new variant of the instrument. I want to present this as a present y'all for my appreciation of using this lovely DAW for 2 years now.


Demo of instrument in use below: